Experience Pyhä: The world’s first charging network for e-snowmobiles

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Mar 7, 2022 10:00:00 AM

As an international provider of charging services, Virta focuses on maintaining its position as an innovative leader in the market. We are always keen to create new solutions and put them into practice. Our goal is to showcase that electrification is not limited only to passenger cars; eventually, all transportation will be electrified.

Virta is working with Experience Pyhä to offer consumers efficient and comfortable recharging for electric snowmobiles. That’s how the world’s first charging network for electric snowmobiles came to be.


Electrifying snowmobiles with sustainability at the forefront

As the charging technology for electric vehicles and snowmobiles (eSleds) is the same, Virta had the solutions and tools ready to ramp up the network easily. As the charging network will cover locations accessible to electric cars as well as eSleds, the charging units will be available to both.

For Virta, this project has a more significant meaning of contributing to exporting the Finnish Lapland brand worldwide. eSleds are a fantastic way to enjoy the power and torque with the picturesque snowy surroundings – emission and sound-free. We at Virta are proud to present this project to our international audience. Indeed, it is something many haven’t experienced before.  

Ecological determination at Pyhä

In the Finnish Lapland, far up north, Experience Pyhä is a destination targeted to those after ecological luxury.

“We offer the highest possible quality of accommodation, dining, and unforgettable experiences here in the heart of Lapland,” says Kimmo Loippo, Founder and CEO of Experience Pyhä.


Experience Pyhä aims to offer all their services according to the tightest sustainability criteria and to produce as low emissions as possible in the process. Some concrete examples are their 30kW solar power unit, 1.5km of geothermal drillings, extremely efficient heat storing and carbon dioxide-controlled air conditioning. Naturally, supporting local food sources and complete waste recycling in all its facilities is a must.

The business incorporates restaurants - Aihki and Pyhän Uula, together with accommodation and events by Sunday Morning Resort, Park Side Pyhä and Experience Pyhä. Electric snowmobiles are a vital part of said events. With the Virta charging network, eSleds are available in all destinations mentioned above.

Silent and emission-free wintery experience

Experience Pyhä’s investment in electric snowmobiles was an easy and natural choice. “It strengthens the ecological journey and thinking of ours. We truly wanted to act and do something tangible as we had the opportunity,” explains Kimmo.

So, what makes eSleds so popular? The benefits vary, but silence, environmental friendliness, and a certain level of luxury in the wilderness are among the most important ones for Experience Pyhä’s visitors. 

In the first phase of usage, the batteries of the snowmobiles will last at least ten years. That’s a good start for completely emission-free, noise-free and non-polluting experiences.

Experience Pyhä’s mission to bring more eSleds to the Finnish north started based on their existing co-operation with Virta.

“We knew that Virta is recognised across Europe for their EV charging services. A significant factor was also Virta’s trustworthiness and reliability regarding the infrastructure, which is important in these challenging conditions,” says Kimmo, hinting at the freezing, subzero conditions in which they operate daily.


Experience Pyhä plans to expand the charging network as they go so that their visitors can travel between mountains and different accommodations. For that to happen, the range of the eSleds must be greater. Fortunately, Experience Pyhä is already up to speed in developing a 100 km range eSleds with Aurora Powertrains.

“Anyone staying with us can rent an eSled for a small fee, but we are also co-operating tightly with other businesses in the area. For example, we recently sent a group of visitors to see the Amethyst mines with our eSleds,” adds Kimmo.

Electric snowmobiles powered by Virta

“With the know-how and ability to serve us, Virta has been the perfect partner. We can have our eyes on the ball in our core business, and the chargers are functioning all year round,” Kimmo describes their co-operation with Virta.

The charging network will not only benefit eSled drivers but will serve anyone with an electric motorbike, car or an ATV (all-terrain vehicle). For Experience Pyhä, the charging network means competitive advantage and differentiation in the market. According to Kimmo, electric snowmobile enthusiasts are finding their way to the mesmerising Finnish Lapland from all over Europe. Not even travelling thousands of kilometres keeps them away from this experience. Experience Pyhä is ready to accommodate these enthusiasts and make their, often lengthy, journey worthwhile.

Virta_x_Aurora_Powertrains-photo_Ville_Vappula_Z704628-hires 1

Even though the project of this world’s first eSleds charging network just kicked off, expansion plans are already in progress. According to Aleksi Patana, Country Manager of Virta's Finnish charging network, Virta will split some of its focus to international markets to respond to the increasing demand for electric snowmobiles.

“This is not going to be a one-hit-wonder, as we are already in discussions with, e.g. Switzerland and Japan,” he adds. 

Virta works closely in all forms of e-mobility

With this new charging network for eSleds, we welcome all electric snowmobile operators to join the journey. This is just one example of how scalable our agile platform is to different working methods. Apart from electric snowmobiles, private boats and motorcycles have already established their role in the e-mobility market.

At Virta, we are always keen to create new innovative experiences where our platform’s abilities and the user case match. From the Powered by Virta network’s point of view, we have just opened the floodgates to expand these kinds of offerings anywhere in the world.