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The time to invest in EV charging infrastructure is now!
"The Future of Electric Vehicles - Ecosystem and future technology of EVs in the Nordic countries and opportunities for EV-related industries in Thailand” webinar co-hosted by Royal Thai Nordic Embassies, Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) and Thailand and Nordic Countries Innovation Unit (TNIU) was organised on Monday 22 August with participants from Thailand, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
As presented by Narit Therdsteeraukdi of the Thailand Board of Investment, Thailand has pushed their ambitions into practice as the first SEA region country with a comprehensive electric mobility transformation programme.
Based on Virta’s experience in 34 markets and fast-growing Powered by Virta partners such as Thailand’s Evolt Technology, the right time to invest in EV charging infrastructure is now; it is crucial from the investment efficiency point of view that the infrastructure is scalable and future-proof. 
The topics highlighted in Virta’s presentation by CBO and Co-Founder Elias Pöyry were:
  • Securing the prime logistical locations early and opting for a platform software with high-security standards and no hardware lock-ins are the solid basis for scalable growth.

  • The investment costs for building and maintaining an EV charging platform are phenomenal; hence all successful players opt for joining a multi-tenant platform like Virta instead of a slow, costly, risky enterprise or stand-alone solutions.

  • To avoid the “chicken and the egg” problem of EV adoption, EV driver charging needs must be catered to fast and convenient by organising interoperability between charging networks through roaming hub operators such as Hubject that all global platforms automatically support.

  • When investing in future EV charging infrastructure in Thailand, energy management capabilities must be included to utilise local solar power and to offer enough charging points with the existing property and grid-level electricity infrastructure.

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