Virta station management platform for CPOs, explained

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Jul 13, 2018 1:12:35 PM

Virta station management platform provides Charging Point Operators (CPOs) the perfect back-end tool for building a successful charging network. Here's how Virta can help your company be a part of the future.

The charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is developing at a staggering rate. More and more players are entering the field, making the everyday life of EV drivers a lot less complicated and a decarbonized future more of a reality than a far-fetched dream.

The Virta station management platform service for CPOs can be divided into two segments: software and hardware. Providing you with both, Virta makes building a charging network uncomplicated, scalable and fast to implement.

(Let's quickly address the elephant in the room: when we say CPO at Virta, we talk about Charging Point Operators, not Owners. Since EV lingo is still developing, CPO is used for both terms, which might be a bit confusing.)

1. Software: back-end management system & branded app solutions

When building and managing EV charging infrastructure, a good backend service can make or break the success of the whole network. We have developed a management system for CPOs that gives you all the necessary tools:

  • Charging station managementMaintenance tool to monitor and manage problems fast, setting price schemes and much more
  • Business insights: Clear look into how your charging network is doing with key metrics readily available
  • Customer relationship management: Manage your customer data, billing information, contacts and RFIDs, and enjoy the convenient automated billing of users

2.  Hardware: the charging devices of your choice

Modern, smart charging devices are connected to a cloud and allow remote management. The smart devices apply with the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), making it possible to mix-and-match charging software and hardware. Virta charging service can be used with almost any device following OCPP, in case you want to pick the devices yourself. Currently Virta follows OCPP 1.5, 1.6 and 2.0 and we keep updating as new versions come out.

Our sales team can help you find the devices that suit your network needs and budget and integrate them with our smart management system. As an industry innovator, Virta has implemented market leader technologies that you as a CPO can utilise, such as Dynamic Load Management. EVs can even be used as a Frequency Containment Reserves and balancing elements for the energy system our energy solutions are already commercially available.

Our platform offers optimal solutions for charging point operators with the right hardware and software, you can build a charging infrastructure that is user-friendly, scalable and future-proof. To discuss how this service suits your needs, contact us!

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