3 reasons why you should partner with Virta in e-mobility

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Feb 19, 2018 9:00:00 AM
The growing EV charging market is full of great service providers, all working towards reducing emissions in transportation. But why should you choose Virta as your e-mobility partner? These three characteristics separate us from others and help you provide outstanding charging services to your customers.

1. The best experience for your customers

With Virta, charging is as fun as it can be. Your customers get the optimal charging experience with minimal effort. Here’s how we make it happen:

Customized EV charging service white-label.png

All our end-user touchpoints can be fully branded for you. This includes the registration page, one-time payment solutions, mobile application, as well as customer communication materials. Branding doesn’t only include your fonts, colours and icons, but also, for instance, the local language, currencies and VATs.

Another feature that makes life effortless with us are roaming capabilities. When an EV driver becomes your customer, they can also use thousands of other charging stations with just one customership. Roaming is included in all our platform service packages.


2. Effortless station management

One of the main topics we run into in sales discussions with prospective customers is that managing charging devices should be as effortless as possible. These wishes have been heard: We provide you with a simple tool for achieving peace of mind. With our station management tools you can use as little or as much time on administrative work as you want.

Our management system includes tools for pricing, grouping the stations, managing charging events and viewing statistics. Maintenance alerts and error messages ease your workload, and payments and invoicing are all automated. Intuitiveness is the key in everyday station management, which is why all our management and statistics tools are easy to use.


3. Scalable solutions for the future

bmw-330e-set2-8-creoppedIt’s no secret that EVs cause more stress to the grid. However, they can also be a valuable asset. Thanks to our relentless R&D efforts, we’re already ready to use EVs as a part of the energy system. This means protecting the grid from peak loads and stabilizing zero-carbon electricity production with demand response and energy storage solutions. 

We offer you smart energy management solutions that make your service stay up-to-date for the years to come and are applicable already today. For example, dynamic load management is included in all our service options, and our vehicle-to-grid solution is already commercially available for energy customers.

What’s more, in practice the scalability also means that we are hardware independent and integrable to external systems on a project basis. You can choose your own devices — we are already compatible with hundreds of charging device models.


Let us convince you about the importance of taking part in the revolution of electromobility:

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