How to install EV charging stations

Electric vehicle charging stations should always be installed by an electrical technician. A professional electrician can review the location and electricity connections, plan the installation and necessary renovations – basically make it all happen.

Who can install?

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Installing a charging device doesn't differ much from installing other electrical devices. However, it is not a DIY project: a professional electrician should always install charging stations. This way you can be sure that the installation has been done according to safety instructions.

All charging devices include instructions for installation. Devices ordered from Virta are pre-configured. This means that when a device is connected to the electrical grid, it will automatically connect to Virta's backend system. The maximum charging power can be restricted remotely from the management system if necessary.

What to take into consideration?

First things first, the location for charging should have GPRS connection. Stations should be easy to access, and parking should be possible from different directions. The charging cables are usually 4-5 meters long: take this into consideration when planning the installation. For wall-mounted devices, a suitable height for installation is approx. 120 cm.

The electrician will check if the location chosen for the charging station is suitable, and find out the details of electricity connections and capacity available.

Installing one device doesn't usually require changes in the electricity system of a building. If multiple stations are being installed, it can be necessary to make changes in the electricity system. In this case, a professional electrician can execute the electricity inspection and make a process plan.

The EV revolution is in an early phase and the need for charging stations will only grow in the future. Pay attention to this when planning the electricity connections: with ground work and cabling the number of charging stations can be easily increased later. With load management features, the electric capacity can be taken care of from the cloud, and extra costs for the required electricity connection can be avoided.


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