EV charging business - How to pick a backend service provider?

Whether you are building a public charging network or a service offered to a selected customer group, make sure the service is smartA future-proof EV charging backend system is cloud-based, white-labeled and standardized.

Follow the OCPP standard — and make sure your service provider does too

connection2If your target is to build a future-proof charging network (as it should be), pay a bit of attention to the connection between hardware and software.

The connection between charging devices and cloud-based backend requires a common language. Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is the de facto standard in the EV charging industry for this connection.

Make sure that your charging devices and the backend service both follow the same version of the OCPP protocol. A backend service following the OCPP protocol, like ours, can be integrated with almost any charging devices following the OCPP protocol. We currently follow OCPP 1.5, 1.6 and 2.0 versions, and keep updating as new versions come out.


Do it with your brandipad_CPOstatistics

You might already have existing customers that feel like home with your brand. Use your existing brand with the EV charging service as well: familiarizing with them is much easier when the brand is already familiar to the customers.

White-labeling means offering services that can be rebranded. End customers, EV drivers in this case, will see only your brand in all products and services offered for them. Your backend service partner offers you everything fully branded with your visual look and feel, as well as local language.


Virta backend service in a nutshell: Features you don't want to live without


A charging service shaped to suit your customers' needs

As it happens, all of the above-mentioned tools are part of Virta EV charging platform - even the smartest future energy management features, such as dynamic load management and optimized charging. Managing a charging service with us is easy. Offer your customers the best EV charging services with your brand, powered by us.

If you're interested in learning more about our backend services, download your free copy of the Virta Backend Overview.

Download Virta Backend Overview for free!

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