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Elektritransport - Kickstarting the EV revolution in Estonia

In 2017 at eMove 360, two Estonian guys with great enthusiasm towards electromobility came to visit our booth. They had a clear goal: to kickstart the revolution of electric transportation in Estonia. In 2018, the first fast chargers by Elektritransport were installed and online.

Elektritransport LTD is not just a company building a charging network, but so much more. The company started its business in 2016 with electric vehicle rental services. EV rental business is still at the core of their operations – consumers can rent or purchase electric cars from Elektritransport. In 2017, the company expanded its business into selling electric car chargers as well, and a year later, in 2018, Elektritransport and Virta started cooperation.

In the first phase of the cooperation, five fast charging (DC) stations were installed in Tartu, Estonia.


Photo 1: Hyundai Kona Electric is charged at one of the Elektritransport fast-charging stations in Tartu, Estonia.

The fast charging stations have both CCS Combo and CHAdeMO sockets and can charge with a maximum power of 50 kW. For EV drivers travelling for instance from Finland to Estonia or further to mid-Europe, the charging opportunity in Tartu is an excellent addition to the charging station map. The Tartu chargers enable EV drivers to travel in Europe with ease and low costs.







Electric transportation is not a complete stranger in Estonia – already in 2011, the Estonian Government started to develop a nationwide DC charging network and to support consumers financially when purchasing electric vehicles. However, in 2011 the e-mobility industry was only taking its first baby steps and the investment from the government was a bit early for the majority of consumers. Elektritransport wants to bring Estonia to the future and finish the process of building a nationwide charging network. Their first public charging stations were taken into use in 2018.

“We do not just rent out EVs nor sell chargers and operate them. We see ourselves as e-mobility spokespersons in Estonia. We believe that we are the ones who will kickstart the EV revolution in Estonia”
- Rain Neemlaid from Elektritransport explains.

Read more about our smart EV charging platform and start running a future-proof business.

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