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Virta Home

Become a forerunner

Charge smartly and share your charging point with Virta Home. The service optimizes hours used for charging based on electricity market prices. Users can also share their charging point publicly - and gain extra income while helping others.

In addition, if your employer pays for your fuel costs and you charge at home, the service can report both public and private charging costs to a selected recipient.  

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Price optimization
The service optimizes charging events based on electricity prices, required energy and consumption patterns.
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Charging cost reporting
Both public and home charging costs can be reported to your employer automatically if you have a full company car benefit.
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Share your charging point
You can share your charging point to selected users or publicly to anyone. Set your price and help others.

Virta Home mobile app

Virta Home is controlled with the most advanced EV charging application on the market. 

With the app you can:

  • Monitor the automatically optimized charging events
  • Select hours for charging manually
  • Share your charging point publicly or to selected users, for free or with your own price
  • Share home and public charging reports to your employer

Check out the app on Apple AppStore

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Smart charging device

The service includes a cloud connected smart charging device with a Type 2 standard plug.

Any electrician can easily install the device. 

Charging in the Nordics?

The service is currently available in the Nordic countries. In Finland you can order the service straight from our webstore. In Sweden, Norway and Denmark, please contact our Nordic sales team.


Become a partner

Interested in selling the best home charging service to your own customers? We're looking for partners in other markets outside the Nordics. Our modular system allows using Virta Home together with our Bundle, Operator and Mobility services. Leave us a message and let's talk. 

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