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World's smartest electric vehicle home charging service.


The award winning charging service optimizes events based on electricity prices, enables charging point sharing with payments, and lets users share automatic reports.


The service is available in the Nordics by Virta, and you can start offering it to your customers anywhere.


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EV charging optimization.svg  Electricity price based optimization


  • Charging events are optimized based on Nord Pool Spot electricity prices and individual energy needs

  • Optimization can be overridden by selecting hours manually in the mobile application
  • The service works as consumer-driven demand response with effective incentives


Virta Home Charging Optimized.png

charging point sharing.png  Charging point sharing


  • Users can share their charging point to selected users or publicly
  • Pricing is done by the user in the mobile application
  • The charging point can be accessed through a public charging network
  • The service helps expand public charging networks momentarily


Virta Home station sharing-1.png

EV charging reporting.png  Automatic reporting


  • Automatic reports of public and private charging events can be sent to a selected recipient

  • The reports let users with company car benefits inform employers about fuel costs
  • The service removes the need for unnecessary paper work


Virta Home reporting.png

one-time payment ev charging.png  Smart charging device


  • The service includes a preconfigured cloud connected smart charging device with a Type 2 plug
  • The device can be easily installed by any electrician




The service is currently available in the Nordic countries. In Finland you can order the service straight from our webstore. In Sweden, Norway and Denmark, please contact our Nordic sales team.

In other geographic areas we're looking for partners who want to start offering the best charging service to their customers. Leave a message below.

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