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Introducing Virta Origin: one more step towards full decarbonisation

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We are officially introducing Virta Origin, a unique service that enables all Virta customers to provide EV charging services powered by sustainably produced electricity that comes from 100% certified renewable sources. 

Why is this news? 

Within the next two decades, electric vehicles will take over internal combustion engine (ICE) cars globally. While this is necessary for decarbonisation, driving electric vehicles alone won’t be enough to fight climate change. We don’t only need to change what we drive; we need to change how we charge our EVs.  

Research shows that manufacturing and driving an electric vehicle powered by non-sustainable electricity only cuts greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in half, compared to manufacturing and driving an ICE car. When powered only with renewable and sustainable electricity, the ratio goes from ½ to ⅕. 


Chart 1: ICCT white paper | Global comparison of the life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) of passenger cars

In other words, the only way to decarbonise the road transport industry is by relying on renewable electricity produced sustainably. 

This is exactly what Virta Origin guarantees. It assures all Virta customers that the electricity they offer through their services is decarbonised. 

How do we make it happen? 

Virta Origin is all about sourcing the electricity you use to power your EV charging stations. Guarantees of origin certify that the electricity is sustainably produced and comes from 100% renewable sources. We are committed to providing outstanding service to our customers and their users and choose to only settle for the highest quality sources of sustainable electricity. 

"Our mission is to solve climate change by bringing electric mobility to businesses, people’s everyday lives, and the energy system. Introducing sustainable and renewable electricity in our offering is only a reflection of the commitment we had since day one. But today, we’re proud to say that Virta is one step closer to becoming the world’s most sustainable EV charging platform." — Antonia Åkerberg, Sustainability Manager at Virta

Who will benefit from Virta Origin? 

The first beneficiary of Virta Origin is our planet. The more sustainable our electricity production is, the better. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. 

Virta Origin also creates value for everyone involved in the charging process, from EMSPs to EV drivers.

    • EV drivers know they limit their negative environmental impact by charging their vehicles with renewable electricity. 
    • EMSPs can certify that they only provide EV charging services powered by sustainably-produced renewable electricity and, therefore, gain a significant advantage over the competition.
    • Fleet operators can certify that their EV fleet operates as sustainably as possible, regardless of the charging location.

This is only the first step. 

We need forerunner services to accelerate our march toward full decarbonisation. Come and join us on this journey. 

Contact us to learn more about Virta Origin
and how to deploy it.