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February 25, 2018

AC, DC and EV charging capacities

Electric cars & charging

You don’t have to be an electrician to be an EV driver. However, knowing some basic things about electricity will help you with charging and evaluating ranges.


For the most EV drivers, charging possibility at home is the most efficient way to fill in the battery. Most home chargers currently have a maximum power of 22 kW. However, two things can limit this maximum charging power.

Electricity capacity of a building

22 kW charging power requires a building to have the main fuse with rating of 32 A. Many residential buildings currently have slightly smaller main fuses than this. For this reason, the maximum power of charging devices can be restricted at Virta’s admin panel.

AC and DC

Basic charging devices give AC power to your car. All electric cars have a built-in, on-board charger that turns this AC into DC power and transmits it to the car battery. On-board charger has a maximum capacity depending on the car, meaning they can transfer electricity to the battery with a limited power. Some on-board charger capacities of most popular EVs are collected on the table below.



Fast chargers are another thing: They feed DC power to the car, so the on-board charger is bypassed and the charging power can be much higher.

Future cars will be able to charge with higher power and have bigger batteries. Charging points installed today should serve all users and be future-proof. Smart charging stations can adjust the power between different vehicles. These features ensure safe and fast charging for everybody: cars with bigger batteries can charge a little faster.


Virta Bundle is a charging service package including charging devices, smart charging service and admin panel. Read more and contact us.

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